Traveling with a Three Month Old

Traveling with a Three Month Old

You guys were SO HELPFUL when I asked for tips about traveling with Benjamin. We had a wonderful trip and I was only one outfit short for him. Here are some tips:

In the Airport:

  • Pre check stroller and car seat if baby is happy in carrier. If pre checking make sure carrier has no metal so you can easily walk through security. I love THIS ONE.

  • Get cover bags for stroller and car seat so they don’t get too damaged or dirty. I got THIS BAG for the stroller (If you have Uppa Baby Vista you will have to remove wheels, but it’s easy!) and THIS BAG for the car seat. If they don’t come out of the normal baggage claim area they may be in the oversize area.

  • You can also pre check pack and play with stroller and car seat all for free.

  • If you need the stroller to make going through airport easier (good if you have layovers) then gate check the stroller and car seat. Slip them in the bags at the gate before.


Tips for the plane:

  • Ask stewardess for baby first wings when he travels!

  • Call airline ahead of time and let them know you have a lap baby. They will add them to your ticket and tell you anything you need. Southwest makes you show proof of birth date.

  • Nurse/feed/pacifier on ascent and descent (descent most important).

  • If baby screams there are other moms all around on flight that will understand


What to pack:



  • Breastmilk is allowed through security. Just tell them ahead of time and they will wipe the bags with that little test strip.

  • If you are traveling with milk I would plan extra time for security. I have heard stories of them wanting to do a full pat down that takes longer.

  • I didn’t travel with milk, but took a cooler and ice pack to put in the hotel refrigerator for on the way home.

  • Small cooler and ice pack to keep milk in. This was a great place to store pump parts too.


In the Hotel:


I hope this was helpful!! Please comment with anything else that helped you!

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