The Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

The Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley


One of the most exciting thing to me are planners!!! I seriously nerd out over planners and other office supplies. A good planner is what can help make you more productive and schedule your priorities. I was on the hunt for the best planner for years and always settled on a basic one from Target, until I found the The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley last year! My main needs are:

  • One page per day. I write a lot fo to do lists and keep track of my work hours this way. I need room to write and scratch etc.

  • Monthly view to plan out big events for easy reference.

  • None of the b.s. So many planners have goals, quarterly goals, yearly goals, 5 year goals… get what I am saying. I tend to get more distracted, and even a little discouraged, when planners have so many things to fill out, plan out and accomplish.

  • The Simplified Planner checks all of these boxes and adds a beautiful design!

  • Each day has its own page with a timed schedule, to do list and a section at the bottom for notes.

  • In a world where we are always busy and being pulled in a lot of different directions, this Simplified Planner is great for staying the course.

  • I seriously LOVE pulling it out and working in it. It brings me so much joy! There is nothing like checking off one of those bubbles on your to do list.

  • The Simplified Planners are coveted by many and the 2019 planners just came out!! Snag them while you can. Some design have already sold out.

  • They have a few options, but my favorite one is the Daily Edition Simplified Planner. Shop HERE for $10 off!

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