Six Detox Me Skincare Tips

Six Detox Me Skincare Tips

If there is one thing I have learned on my skincare journey is that it is worth it to invest in your face. It's your face after all! For almost four years now I have committed to having a safe skincare regimen for my skin and it has done wonders for my complexion. Not to mention the extra moments to slow down each morning and evening. Below are six tips to make your skincare work harder and last longer for you. Watch the video of all six above!


 It is important that you use your products in the right order so that they are absorbed correctly and they can work their hardest for you. A general flow to follow is: cleanse, prep, treat, protect. 

  • Cleanse to remove impurities and makeup morning and evening (more on this later.)

  • Prep the skin with a toner to purfify and reduce pores.

  • Treat your skin with a serum. Find one that fits your specific skincare needs. I use this one that is full of hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and get started on age prevention.

  • Protect your skin with eye cream and moisturizer to hydrate, reduce wrinkles and give your skin the food it needs to thrive. It is important that you put your eye cream on first so that it completely absorbs into your eye area first. This is also where you will put on your daily SPF.

  • Shop my favorite safe, high performing products that work HERE.


This one application tip has been a game changer for me. I am honestly not sure that I even know how to rub products on my face anymore. It seems so harsh after pressing for about three years now. I originally learned this trip from makeup artist Christy Coleman and I will never forget it! Here are some key benefits.

  • You will be surprised at how much on pump of your products will last when you do this. Talk about a money saver!

  • Rubbing and dragging your products all over can cause creases in the skin.

  • The light pressure used to press can increase blood flow which can benefit skin cells.

  • Pressing can also increase absorption and effectiveness of products.

  • When pressing always cheat upwards to give your skin an extra lift.

  • Rubbing can cause inflammation, especially around the eyes. This area is extremely important to lightly press (more on this later in the series.)


This is a big one! If you have ever thought your eye cream has irritated your eyes its because you are probably applying it too close.

  • Put a tiny bit of eye cream onto one ring finger and dab them together.

  • Your skin is the thinnest in this area so it is important that you use your ring finger which has the lightest touch.

  • Your blood vessels are also the most visible in this area.

  • Gently press or pat the eye cream around the eye and brow bone.

  • It may feel like you are applying it far away from your eye but your cream will naturally travel inward as it absorbs giving you all the goods your eyes need.

  • Many people start applying eye cream right under the lash line so when it travels closer to the eye irritation happens.


It is important to remember that your face does not stop at your jawline. Your neck has different skin that your face but don't you want your neck to look youthful too.

  • The skin on your neck is some of the thinnest on your body.

  • It deserves as much of a regimen as your face does.

  • It's simple, while doing your daily routine of cleansing, prepping, treating and protecting (see Tip 1) take it down to the neck too.

  • Fun fact: the neck has no sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are those the excrete oil so you shouldn't be worried about your face products causing a breakout. But this does mean your skin will thank you for the extra love from your products.

  • In addition to the steps in the video make sure you include your neck while masking and applying SPF as well.

  • Want to take this a step further? Also include your décolleté or your chest. This is particularly important when applying sunscreen.


Have you thought about how all the trends lately are filled with cooling techniques to help the skin: jade rollers, gua sha, quartz, ice rollers? That's because using cold temperatures on the skin have many advantages:

  • Remember the days of steaming and using a hot wash cloth at your facials? Hot water can actually strip the skin of an oil barrier that is necessary.

  • The thought process used to be that you need hot water and steam to loosen the skin for extraction, but opening your pores up that large can have adverse results.

  • Cold temperatures can reduce pore size and have a lifting effect on the skin.

  • Taking advantage of cold tools like jade and quartz stones can be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine by reducing puffiness, reducing redness and increasing lymphatic drainage. Read more HERE.


At the end of the day there can be a lot of buildup on your skin. Double cleansing will effectively remove buildup and deeply please while creating a great canvas for your other products to work harder for you.

  • First, remove makeup, SPF, dirt, sweat, toxins and other pollutants with an oil or milk based cleanser, balm or wipe. Micellar water is also great for this. THESE WIPES have the best of both worlds!

  • This step is super important if you have super oily or acne prone skin. If you have normal to dry skin make sure to do this anytime you are wearing makeup.

  • Just start thinking of removing your makeup and washing your face as two separate steps.

  • Second, wash your face with your more traditional cleanser with water to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities from the pores.

  • Make it a priority to exfoliate a couple of times a week. Pro Tip: leave your exfoliater in your shower to make sure you fit it in. I have seen a huge difference in my skin since doing this.

  • The skin goes into regeneration mode at night. If it still has a lot of buildup from makeup or sweat and dirt it will make it harder to wake up with that bright, plump complexion.

  • Taking the time to deeply cleanse your skin will also create the best canvas for your other products to work harder for you! Especially leave on treatments like this Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

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