Inna Organic: Safe Ingredients You Can Trust

Inna Organic: Safe Ingredients You Can Trust


I found out about Inna Organic at the Environmental Working Group event here in LA. I immediately fell in love with their sheet masks and was intrigued by their story. It was started by Cecily Pan and Jimmy Wang in Tawain in 2015. Cecily could not find products to work for her kids that had severe excema and Jimmy was on a mission to get more organic products on the market with certification. Shop HERE and use code DETOXMETUESDAY for 10% off. You can also shop their sheet masks on Amazon.

The Gist:

  • Inna Organic is EWG Verified. This s a big deal because EWG does not actually certify a whole brand, but rather each individual product. Each product is individually tested for safety rather than giving a brand a blanket certification. Learn more about the EWG Certification HERE.

  • Inna Organic is also COSMOS Certified. This is the European certification for natural and organic skincare. Learn more about COSMOS certification HERE.

  • I love their promise to clean beauty by leaving out parabens, synthetic fragrance and any harmful chemicals. They are non-GMO, cruelty free and dual certified as discussed above.

  • While they may be new in the US they are for sure here to stay and are doing it right!

  • I first fell in love with them because of their sheet masks.

  • They use the power of essential oils to create a truly therapeutic experience.

  • They also have a PURE Line that is great for expecting moms!

  • I just love their commitment to transparency, safety and sustainability. Their sheet masks are all biodegradable!

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