Rael: Period Beauty

Rael: Period Beauty


Finding new brands that are creating safe, high performing products is my jam! Rael is here with it’s beautiful packaging and innovative products to change period care. Wait I need to know what’s in my tampon’s and liners? Yes you do!!

The Gist:

  • Did you know that most common personal care brands contain toxic chemical in their tampons and pads? Think chlorine, bleach, parabens, fragrance and many other unnecessary chemicals.

  • Here is some info straight from their site that I find disgusting:

    “Many recent studies found toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients in non-organic feminine care products? These ingredients include, just to name a few:

     Styrene, also used in car tires
     Chloromethane, also used in petroleum refining
    Acetone, most commonly known as nail polish remover
    Chlorethane, also used in styrofoam
    Various carcinogens, which is linked to cancer”

  • The bigger issue: none of these are listed. So women have no idea what they are putting on/inside their bodies.

  • Rael is debunking these hidden secrets by telling you exactly where their product comes from and how they are made.

  • They use 100% organic cotton for their pads, liners and tampons straight from Texas. Not only is the cotton organic, but they use safe, clean labor practices that support the integrity of the farmers.

  • They have expanded to much more beyond pads, tampons and liners to be an extensive brand for all your period needs. Think heat patches, acne patches and sheet masks to name a few!

  • Plus the price is on point! Check it out HERE.

IMG_4685 2.jpg

Products I’m loving:

  • The Liners have been a life saver during pregnancy. There is so much going on down there, go ahead and take my advice and stock up if you are pregnant.

  • The sheet masks are amazing and so easy to use. They have four depending on what you feel like your skin needs around that time of the month.

  • Next up on my list is the Feminine Wash.

  • Underwear in picture is the Cheeky Hipster from Pact. Get 20% off HERE.

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