Beauty Bar Chocolate: Sugar Free, Adaptogens and Collagen

Beauty Bar Chocolate: Sugar Free, Adaptogens and Collagen


Finally a chocolate that is sugar-free, raw and has extra benefits! Yes you read that right SUGAR FREE! Candice Puthuwala, the mastermind behind Beauty Bar Chocolate, created it when she experienced extreme burnout and fatigue from a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle. As a result she suffered from fatigue, severe inflammation, candida and many other symptoms from living in a state of chronic stress. When she left and began healing her body from the inside she realized she couldn’t find something sweet and healthy to eat…and Beauty Bar Chocolate was born.


The Gist:

  • Candice is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Plant Based Chef, which means only the best and top ingredients go in Beauty Bar Chocolates.

  • Many sweet treats out there include so many additives (including added sugar) that they often do more harm than good.

  • Beauty Bar Chocolate contains only the best ingredients for your sweet tooth and to glow from within!

  • Check out these REAL ingredients: Organic Raw Arriba Cacao Butter, Organic Raw Cacao Paste, Lakanto non-gmo Monkfruit, Sunpotion Rhodiola, Pearl, Organic Vanilla Extract, Himalayan pink salt.

  • I love that she uses adaptogens in Beauty Bar Chocolate. Adaptogens are key for helping your body adapt to daily stress etc. Learn more about adaptogens HERE.

  • The other key ingredient that I LOVE is pearl collagen. This is excellent for glowing skin…and let me tell you if there is one thing that Candice is that’s glowing! If chocolate is what she is having I’ll take it! Read more about collagen HERE.

  • The final ingredient I want to point out is Lakonto Monkfruit. This and stevia are my two go to’s for no sugar sweeteners. If you are averse to the stevia flavor give this one a shot. Prime it HERE.

  • Between the rich flavor and creamy finish you won’t know this treat is sugar-free and full of so many benefits! Get 20% off with code DETOXMETUESDAY HERE.

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