Answering your top 3 questions every single week by sharing what I use and more accessible options if available. Check out my Amazon Prime List HERE for easy product finds!


Week 1: Safe Oxyclean, Nail Polish Remover and Body Lotion

Week 2: Hair Spray, Plastic Bags, Safe Pots and Pans



Week 3: Earth Day

  • Switch to stainless steel straws.

  • Start switching out plastic bags to safer alternatives like Stasher Bags (get 25% off with code MAMAEARTH) or glass storage.

  • Drink out of reusable bottles. My favorites are S’well Bottle and My Byta. Take your reusable mug to your local coffee shop and have them use it rather than a one time use cup.

  • Take reusable produce bags to the grocery store rather than using and wasting those thin plastic bags.

  • Keep a few reusable bags (including produce bags) in your car so that you have them ready to go. I guarantee you have these around the house. I love reusing my canvas totes for this. You can shop some good ones HERE.

Week 4: Dry Shampoo, Sunless Tanner and Deodorant

  • Safe Dry Shampoo:

    • What I use: Rahua Dry Shampoo. This works so well! It even gets out all post facial or massage oil. It provides a lift of volume too. Read my full post HERE.

    • Amazon Prime: Acure Dry Shampoo. Price is great but I have not used and cannot speak for performance. You can also find this brand at most stores.

  • Safe Sunless Tanner:

  • Safe Deodorant:

    • What I use: Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant. This is truly the first safe brand I fell in love with and loved the performance. Read my full post on this HERE. Get 10% off with code DETOXMETUESDAY.

    • Amazon Prime: Schmidts Deodorant. Super affordable option you can also find at most stores.

    • **Note if you have sensitive skin or react get a baking soda free formula and do not use immediately after shaving.**



Week 5: Detox Me Tuesday Approved Sunscreen Brands

All of these brands are no brainers in the sunscreen space because every single formula they offer is safe using titanium dioxide or even better non-nano zinc oxide. A lot of these you can find on Amazon Prime, Target or other savings stores like TJ Max. Here is the best place to find each brand:

  1. Beautycounter 7. Ursa Major

  2. Juice Beauty 8. Suntegrity

  3. Badger 9. Thinksport

  4. Babo Botanicals 10. Raw Elements

  5. Earth Mama Organics 11. All Good

  6. Acure


Week 6: Disinfectant, Stain Remover and Household Cleaners

Week 7: Detox Me Tuesday Approved Bug Spray Brands

I have been getting asked this over and over again as summer is approaching. Here are brands that are completely safe for you and the family all DEET free. HERE is more info from EWG on safer bug sprays and why it is important.

  1. Primally Pure Nature Spray (use code DETOXMETUESDAY for 10% off)

  2. Quantum Health Buzz Away

  3. TerraShield

  4. Hello Bello Organic Bug Spray

  5. Badger Anti-Bug Spray (they also have a Balm)

  6. Babyganics Natural Insect Repellant