Branch Basics: Keeping You Safe While You Clean

Branch Basics: Keeping You Safe While You Clean


If you're like me you just want to be able to find a company that you can trust for safety and performance and call it a day. This is what Branch Basics has done for me for cleaning products. Born out of the idea that we should not have to sacrifice our health for effective cleaning products, Branch Basics answers all your home cleaning necessities with one simple solution. Yes please! I am all about simplicity. SHOP HERE


The Gist: 

  • Cleaning products have a major impact on the air quality in your home and overall health.

  • Branch Basics has made my life much simpler by buying their one concentrate for all my basic cleaning needs. I am not buying several different expensive bottles of cleaners that are actually full of toxic chemicals. I have been using these products for almost three years and have saved a lot of money by sticking to this on simple solution.

  • The products are fragrance free so if you want some extra freshness add high grade essential oil in your bottles. (My faves pictured above)

  • The most common offenders in cleaning products are: parabens, fragrance (which often hides phthalates, a common endocrine disruptor), bleach etc.

  • Many of these chemicals can be linked to infertility, allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders and hormone disfunction.

  • The best part: these products work!! If you know me then you have seen me run to the rescue of a wine stain with the little spray bottle on the far right of the picture above. It gets stains out immediately.

  • If you are looking to switch to safer this is an easy and affordable solution for you. Their starter set begin at $59 and you get everything you need for your basic cleaning needs HERE.

Here is a an amazing before and after when using their Oxygen Boost on my summer white pants!! Just soak in warm water for a couple of hours and voila!! 

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