Switch 3

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Cleaning out your home can be a scary idea...where do you begin?! I have created the Switch 3 to highlight three areas in your life that you can start switching to safer now. Think of these as umbrella categories where you can slowly start the process as you are buying new items or going through what you currently own.  Three mindsets to live by so the process is that much easier.

The truth is, every time you decide to #doitbetter and bring a safer product into your home you are making a difference. Small changes make a big impact. Be proud of the small choices you are making to live a cleaner, healthier life. 


This topic includes a mindset of keeping your food clean, but also reducing waste for the earth. BPA free is a good place to start, but plastic is still full of synthetic chemicals that can leak into our food, especially in any sort of heat. Plastic creates so much unnecessary waste and can only be recycled once.

WHERE TO BEGIN: Replace all food storage with stainless or glass and purchase a glass or stainless water bottle.

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Think twice before using that plastic straw when eating out or purchasing cases of plastic water bottles. 


Oh fragrance...this is a big one. According to the FDA, brands do not have to disclose what is inside the ingredient "fragrance" or "parfum." That one ingredient alone can contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. In short, avoid at all costs...but it's all about progress and it is not realistic to replace and go through all your products overnight so...

WHERE TO BEGIN: Spray your perfume on your clothes before putting them on. Do not spray directly onto your body. 

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Start reading the labels on any new products you purchase. If "parfum" or "fragrance" are listed as an ingredient find a safer alternative. 


This is one of my favorite topics. In a society that is run by two week trends and fast fashion it is easy to buy a top with the intention of only wearing it once. It is the cost on our world after you toss that garment that is hurting our planet. Third world countries are being overrun by landfills of clothing, the hands that make those trendy pieces are treated poorly, are underpaid and we are creating more textile waste over time. For more on this topic watch the documentary The True Cost

WHERE TO BEGIN: While it may not be possible to only support sustainable brands, the next time you purchase a clothing item ask yourself "Will I wear this at least 30 times?" Having a leaner closet has helped me stay true to my personal style. It is easy to fall into trends that come and go and lose your own sense of style and taste. 

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: This is not just for clothing. Take this way of thinking into any category you purchase. Do your research on the company behind the product and question them if need be. I have become so passionate about finding brands that I love to support and are doing good for you and our world. It makes the shopping experience that much more enjoyable knowing you are voting with your dollars and supporting something good. Give yourself permissions to splurge on that one item you know you will wear or use over and over again. In the long run it will save you time, money and frustration.

*Images by Grace-Made Design