Jane Iredale Lip Liner: Get More Out of Your Lipstick

Jane Iredale Lip Liner: Get More Out of Your Lipstick

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I get asked all the time….”what about a safe lip liner?” I finally found one that glides on and has an array of colors perfect for anyone. I honestly have never used a lip liner until I started testing them out and man do they make a difference! It also speeds up my application time for bold colors. Jane Iredale Lip Liner acts like training wheels when embracing more bold lip colors. (Perfect for Valentine’s festivities.). I purchased one light color, Spice, and one darker color, Berry, to get me covered from day to night.


I paired Spice with Twig Lip Sheer and Berry with 9 to 5 Color Intense Lipstick from Beautycounter and couldn’t be happier with the results!

The Gist:

  • Many color cosmetics contain synthetic flavor, heavy metals and dyes.

  • This formulation is cruelty free and does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrance and phthalates.

  • Jane Iredale Lip Liner hydrates with meadow foam and jojoba oil to give you the perfect glide.

  • At only $17 it is a great addition to take your lip to the next level. Prime is HERE.

  • I emailed them to make sure they were testing for heavy metals and look at this awesome answer I got back. Talk about a #doitbetterbrand:

    “Thank you for contacting us! We test all of our products for Heavy Metals. If any trace amount of a heavy metal is detected it is below the permissible levels for cosmetics recommended by international public health agencies. Heavy metals are ubiquitous in the environment and are found naturally in rocks, soil and water and therefore may be found in minerals, pigments and other raw materials used in cosmetics. Even after they are properly processed and purified under lab conditions, very low amounts, known as trace levels, may still be detectable in these ingredients or products. Testing allows us to detect heavy metals at very low levels and depending on the laboratory, technology utilized and material tested, these are measured in either parts per million or parts per billion. A detection of 1 ppm would represent .0001% of the total product formula.

     All of our products are manufactured wholly under strict laboratory conditions. The laboratory purification and manufacture of minerals is done in order to ensure that the minerals are free of the contaminates that occur in the minerals’ natural state. These contaminants include dangerous heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lead, nickel, selenium and silver.

     There is no measurable amount of heavy metals in any of our products, including lead and mercury.”

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