Dr. Brite: Safe, High Performing Dental Care

Dr. Brite: Safe, High Performing Dental Care

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I am so excited to share that I am working with Dr. Brite to bring you the the best option for safe, high performing oral care. I had the honor of talking to co-founder Dr. Pooneh Ramezani on the phone and asked her ALL of the questions regarding holistic oral care. She was a wealth of knowledge and I absolutely love her and co-founder Dr. Sabo Paris’ passion for fusing medical information with natural ingredient research.


Here is some key information I learned:

  • It only takes 6 SECONDS for a an ingredient to go from your mouth to your bloodstream. Yes that includes all those synthetic flavors, sweeteners and toxic ingredients in most toothpastes. (If you are pregnant that 6 seconds also includes getting to baby in the womb.)

  • Most high foaming toothpastes use sulfates to create that effect. Here is what Dr. Ramezani has to say about this topic: “The foaming agents in most toothpastes is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is an inflammatory agent that can irritate existing allergies and cause canker sores and bad breath. Foaming itself doesn't cause the mouth to be any cleaner.” While Dr. Brite Toothpaste doesn’t foam like you may be used to, rest assured that your mouth is getting clean by using all safe, natural ingredients.

  • Why use an electric toothbrush? She explains that it takes a mechanical removal of plaque to clean the teeth and most people are not brushing for the right amount of time. And the truth is, when we brush manually we are not “mechanically” cleaning our teeth since we cannot move at the speed of a mechanical toothbrush.

Okay what about fluoride? I am so excited to say that I finally have a stance that I feel good about and can answer the question I used to run away from thanks to Dr. Ramezani. Is fluoride actually bad for you?

  • Fluoride is a mineral that makes enamel remineralize when used correctly. That is why many people warn you about losing your enamel if you don’t use a tooth paste with fluoride.

  • How do you use it correctly so that you are getting that step in your oral care? The correct amount needs to be on your teeth for the correct duration of time for it to have any affect.

  • Most people do not brush their teeth long enough for the positive effect of fluoride and the amount of fluoride is not enough in most toothpastes to do anything for your teeth.

  • What do you get instead? A buildup of a neurotoxin in your body that gets into your bloodstream in 6 SECONDS. Let’s say your brush your teeth twice a day for 80 years. That’s over 29,000 uses of fluoride that can build up in your body.

  • So how do you get the correct fluoride treatment for your teeth? In Dr. Ramezani’s practice she uses special fluoride trays that only touch the teeth and stay on them for 3-5 minutes go get the ultimate results. It is immediately wiped off with no residue in the mouth.


I have been using the products for almost a month and LOVE knowing that my teeth are getting clean and I am only using the best natural and safe ingredients. Dr. Brite has given me a special bundle deal to share with you for only $99! (what you get is shown in picture)

Get the Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Mint Toothpaste, Mint Mouth Wash, charging base and two brush heads for only $99 HERE. This is such a steal, as these toothbrushes retail for $165.

You can also shop all of their other products at 10% off with code DETOXMETUESDAY10. NOTE: This deal cannot be applied to the $99 bundle deal.

The Berrylicious Toothpaste is perfect for kids and expecting mothers since it contains Vitamin C which helps fight against pregnancy gingivitis.

And I love having the Brite and Fresh Oral Spray around to freshen on the go.

Shop the site HERE and don’t forget to use code DETOXMETUESDAY10 for 10% off!

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